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At one of the world’s largest wire rope manufacturers, we were tasked with creating a penetrating, anti-corrosive rust repellent with low friction for use during scheduled service intervals. This service involves topping and tailing cables, switching them end to end halfway through their lifespan. To meet these needs, we developed a product called IWRC, which stands for Independent Wire Rope Core or Industrial Water Repellent Coating. This product quickly penetrates the core of thick, intertwined ropes and provides long-lasting protection against extreme external conditions, including maintaining a hydrophobic coating.

Our IWRC, CLP-X, and MarineX range use different combinations of tungsten and clear carbon nanoparticles to create the best penetrating, anti-corrosive rust and salt repellent spray lubricants in the world. These products also provide an ultra-low coefficient of friction on treated surfaces. We use only the highest quality ingredients to ensure the safety of our customers and their equipment. Downtime in heavy industry can cost tens of thousands of dollars per minute, so we do not take risks with our products. Our aerosol range has been safely used for several years in heavy industry with excellent results.


Our mission is to reduce the coefficient of friction, energy and wear using the highest quality chemical technologies in the world, increasing performance, speed, penetration, and rejuvenation.

As Nano technologies continue to evolve, we strive to exceed performance expectations and create products with the highest efficacy